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Customer Service: 877.685.2432

Century Providers & Benefit Plans

Your employer has selected one of the many benefit
plans offered by Century. Learn more about our providers
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Quality PPO Network Providers

All Century benefit plans (except for Minimum Value Plans and the MEC Enhanced Provider Choice plans) utilize MultiPlan (PHCS) PPO networks to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs. When you choose to obtain services from participating PPO network providers, you will receive a discount on the services provided.


To locate a participating network provider, select the link below associated with your Century benefit plan type
(which you can find on your ID card).

Always confirm participation prior to scheduling an appointment.

Century Benefit Plans


Limited Benefit Medical Plan

A Limited Benefit Medical Plan is designed to help you with the medical expenses associated with a covered accident or illness, including physician office visits, emergency room trips, hospitalization, diagnostic tests and prescription drugs (up to certain preset limited benefit levels). This plan is not designed to replace, provide or modify basic health insurance or major medical insurance.


Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plan

Century offers three different types of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans.

MEC Basic – Provides a low cost approach to obtaining 100% preventative coverage, satisfying the individual mandate while eliminating the employer penalty.

MEC Plus – Consists of a Limited Benefit Medical Plan and a self-funded 100% preventative care plan.

MEC Enhanced – A more comprehensive plan with deductibles, copays and co-insurance, but no hospitalization coverage which lowers your monthly premium.


Minimum Value Plan (MVP)

The MVP is a major medical plan offering comprehensive medical coverage with deductible, copays, and co-insurance. This plan does offer hospitalization compared to the MEC Enhanced, and meets the minimum bronze level of coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Paying for Services Rendered

Network providers should bill Century directly. Once the bill is received from the provider, Century will apply a discount to the bill and send the provider the benefit payment along with an explanation of payment (EOP). If you are asked to pay for services at the time of your visit, please ask the provider to call Century Customer Service for assistance. If you elect to pay for your visit at the time of service, you can easily file a claim with Century. (Please visit the Member Resources section for information on Filing A Claim”).